The future of mobility after COVID-19

The pandemic has shut millions of people in their homes and disrupted every part of the transportation domain, but leaders can’t simply wait to see how tomorrow’s reshaped mobility ecosystem turns out. Deloitte and Saleforce offer four possible scenarios for the future of mobility. Four possible scenarios of mobility Deloitte and Salesforce assembled renowned scenario thinkers to develop a series of possible long-term (three-to-five-year) outcomes … Continue reading The future of mobility after COVID-19

Enhanced Mobility Services

IoT is transforming the supply chain. Many industries and business sectors are trying to understand the possibilities of data-driven technology. ERP adoption has become a common trend now, and many forward-thinking organizations are evaluating the possibilities of merging IoT and ERP to open new avenues for operational excellence, workflow automation, and customer service.   Adopting an ERP solution will drive business excellence, achieve productivity goals, … Continue reading Enhanced Mobility Services