The future of mobility after COVID-19

The pandemic has shut millions of people in their homes and disrupted every part of the transportation domain, but leaders can’t simply wait to see how tomorrow’s reshaped mobility ecosystem turns out. Deloitte and Saleforce offer four possible scenarios for the future of mobility. Four possible scenarios of mobility Deloitte and Salesforce assembled renowned scenario thinkers to develop a series of possible long-term (three-to-five-year) outcomes … Continue reading The future of mobility after COVID-19

Self-driving grocery stores

Robomart is an autonomous mini grocery store on wheels. The San Francisco-based company has recently signed a partnership with the Grocery store chain Stop & Shop. Stop & Shop will begin testing driverless grocery vehicles in Boston starting this spring. The vehicles will cart around Stop & Shop grocery items, and meal kits to customers’ doorsteps. #future #mobility #blog #future mobility blog Continue reading Self-driving grocery stores